Where Can You Get Quarters?

8 Places

If you’ve got a bank branch nearby, popping into the bank is a quick and easy way to get quarters.

1. Stop By The Bank

Whether it’s Target, Walmart or any grocery store, head to the customer service desk when asking for change.

2. Grocery Store

It’s unlikely they’ll have a customer service desk, so head up to the cash register to get change in quarters.

3. Fast Food Establishments

If you find yourself a little far off from the city center and can only see an abandoned gas station, then you might be in luck. Gas stations and pharmacies have registers that often have small coins such as quarters.

4. Gas Stations and Pharmacies

The perk of car washes and laundromats is that many of them are open 24/7, meaning you can get your quarters no matter what time of the day (yay!). 

5. Car Washes and Laundromats

 If your grocery store cashier or fast food attendant doesn’t want to exchange quarters or doesn’t have enough for a $1 bill, consider making a small purchase.

6. Make a Purchase

I doubt you will have much luck finding an arcade in the United States these days, but if you happen to be in a pinch – say stuck with your wife at the mall and in desperate need of some quarters – you can stop by the old arcade.

7. Arcades

8. Ask a friend for quarters