Where To Sell Clothes Online To Make Money Fast 

Check out Wealth of Geeks' handy guide to the best places to sell clothes online and pick out the best selling app for you.

It's important to know what your plan is. Are you trying to make money off flipping thrift store finds? Are you trying to break even? Are you just trying to make room for a new wardrobe? Let those questions be your guide as you dive into our list. 

The app is one of the most hassle-free selling apps on the market. You can quickly sell your gently used name-brand and designer clothes, shoes, and handbags through a Pro Seller.


They have a vast range of women's clothing, men's clothing, children's clothing, designer brands, and accessories on their website, and your items are bound to get looked at. They offer first-time buyer discounts, free shipping over $79, and other discounts and deals that catch potential buyers' attention.


The app constantly expands to include beauty and skincare goods, bedding, dinnerware, and more. You can sell on Poshmark whether you're selling a $2000 designer handbag or all of those outfits you “accidentally” bought at Target and never wore.


It's sleek, modern, and meant to appeal more to a younger demographic. It's set up like a shoppable Instagram. Depop is based in the United Kingdom, but some of its most active users are in the United States and Italy. 


You can download the app, set up and customize your profile, and start selling today. You won't be limited to selling clothes either; Vinted also allows you to sell unused cosmetics, tech accessories, and other items around your house.


The app is ever-evolving and expanding. The app offers one of the lowest seller fees in the market. Seriously, it's 10% vs. Poshmark's 20%. That almost makes up for how clunky the app can be.


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