Where To Stream The Best Nicolas Cage Films

Nicolas Cage is the kind of polarizing actor who you really don’t know how to feel about. 

One moment, he’s starring in a critically acclaimed movie that earns him several prestigious award nominations.  In the next, he’s stinking it up with a hamfisted performance that practically no one, not even Nick Cage himself, will enjoy seeing. 

We thought it would be a nice idea to look at some of his most memorable career performances and to tell you where each movie is currently streaming. 

Raising Arizona

The second film made by the now iconic Coen brothers, Raising Arizona tells the story of Hi’s attempts to leave his criminal lifestyle behind when he meets and falls in love with one of his arresting officers, Edwina (Helen Hunt). 

Not currently streaming, but available to rent online. 


Cage’s performance as Johnny might be a little campy at times—in some instances, he seems almost to be lapsing into his best Marlon Brando impression—but the energy he brings to certain scenes makes this movie, as does his remarkable chemistry with Cher, who also shines bright in the film. 

Streaming on HBO Max. 

Leaving Las Vegas

Cage’s first and only Oscar win came in 1996, with his performance as depressed, alcoholic screenwriter Ben Sanderson, who travels to Las Vegas after losing his job, his family, and all his friends and who now plans to drink himself to death. 

Streaming on Prime Video