Where to Stream the Academy Awards Best Picture Nominees

However strange 2021 and its movies have been, though, there have still been plenty of entertaining movies that audiences enjoyed seeing in theaters or from the comfort of their own home. 

On February 8, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced their nominations for the 94th Oscar ceremony, with many buzzing about all the movies that have been nominated in the prestigious Best Picture category. 

To help you prepare for the Oscars on March 27, we thought we’d take a moment to highlight every film nominated for Best Picture, as well as providing information about where they are currently streaming. 


Set in Northern Ireland, a nine-year-old boy (Jude Hill) and his family observe the changing political and increasingly dangerous landscape of Belfast during The Troubles, a period of prolonged hostility between Irish Catholic nationalists and Protestants loyal to the British Crown. 

Not currently streaming, but available to rent online 


A unique coming-of-age drama film like no other, CODA explores the intricacies of either pursuing your dream or staying and supporting your family through turbulent times. 

Streaming on Apple TV+ 

Don’t Look Up

The critical response to Don’t Look Up was a tad mixed overall, with some believing the satirical elements of the film was too heavy-handed. Despite the mixed reception, Don’t Look Up has gone on to garner significant award nominations. 

Streaming on Netflix