Where to Watch The Best Terrence Malick Movies

Terrence Malick is easily the most enigmatic, unorthodox director working today. 

With Malick’s 78th birthday having just passed, we decided to take a look back at the director’s short but impressive filmography so far, ranking his work from worst to best. 

Song to Song

Set in the modern Texas music industry, Faye (Rooney Mara) is an aspiring guitarist struggling to establish herself, and who ends up beginning a romantic affair with a record producer (Michael Fassbender) in the hopes of advancing her career. 

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Knight of Cups

Here, his decision to illustrate the many different meanings of life told through a tarot deck-like presentation made for an interesting creative challenge, yet it’s an idea that didn’t feel fully fleshed out or developed enough.

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To the Wonder

To the Wonder thrives on a generally interesting storyline—two individuals rush into a relationship a little too quickly, make a decision to move in together, and try to fend off their own internal doubts about whether they've made a huge mistake with the whole affair. 

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The New World

Malick's fascination with nature would ultimately culminate in his 2005 epic, The New World, one of his most beautifully-shot movies so far. 

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