White Elephant Gifts: 17 Steal-Worthy Can’t Miss Gift Ideas

White elephant gifts are usually cheap and amusing in some way. Depending on the party, they might be either practical or impractical. They might also follow a party theme such as office gifts, nurse gifts, gamer gifts, etc.

Here is a list of timeless white elephant gift ideas:

Whether you're looking for boss gifts, friend gifts, or dad gifts, this mug will be great for any white elephant party.

Humorous Coffee Mug

Bluetooth Karaoke Speaker Mic

Compatible with any smartphone, it lets them connect to speakers via Bluetooth and screech their hearts out in surround sound. The mic is available in multiple colors if you want to buy something particularly gaudy for extra razzle-dazzle.

Hailed as “pixie dust” by its devotees, this fancy salt is the kind of thing that most people wouldn't buy on their own but would love to receive as a gift. You don't even have to be a foodie to appreciate it.

Sea Salt Flakes

Board Game

The more outrageous the board game is, the more likely it's a hit during a white elephant party. Who knows? You might even wind up breaking it open and playing a game or two with your fellow partygoers!

Everyone knows the pain of stubbing their toe in a dark hallway during a midnight bathroom break. Well, you can say goodbye to that particular routine with the help of a color-changing night light!

Toilet Night Light

It's a real notepad that you can use for ideas, appointments, and reminders, but it's waterproof, and its pad comes with suction cups to attach to shower walls and other weird places where people suddenly remember things.

Waterproof Notepad

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