Who Owns Fanta? The Answer May Surprise You More Than Fanta’s Flavor!


Are you a fan of Fanta? Do you ever find yourself sipping on an ice-cold orange soda while wondering who is behind this fizzy, fruity goodness? 

We'll explore who's calling the shots, making the big bucks, and perhaps even channel our inner Willy Wonka and uncover some surprising secrets. So, whether you're a die-hard Fanta fan or enjoy the occasional sip, get ready to learn everything you ever wanted to know about who's pulling the strings of this iconic soda brand.

Fantas History

Fanta is a popular orange soda sold in over 180 countries worldwide. The beverage was first created in Germany in 1940 by the German-based Coca-Cola bottling company during World War II when the country could not receive Coca-Cola syrup due to trade restrictions.

The plant manager, Max Keith, created a fruit-flavored drink using apple fiber leftover from lollipops and whey from cheesemakers. The original Fanta had a red-orange color from beets, and its flavor changed over time depending on what ingredients were available until it became the Fanta orange we know today.

The name Fanta was chosen after an employee contest, where Keith encouraged his employees to use their imagination, or “Fantasie” in German, to come up with a name. The winning entry, Fanta, was suggested by an employee named Joe Knipp.

Fanta was brought to the United States after the war, and in 1960, Coca-Cola acquired the trademark.

Who Owns Fanta?

Today, Fanta is one of the many beverages under the Coca-Cola Company, a public multinational beverage corporation that trades its shares on the New York Stock Exchange.

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