Why Are You Interested In This Position?

The question is intentionally vague and open-ended. In this post, I will share tips on how you can respond to ‘why you’re interested in a particular job role’ so that your response doesn’t seem forced or unnatural. 

Let’s talk about preparation! As you begin your interview preparation, collect your thoughts in a document or on a piece of paper. Write down specific one-line answers to the below points. Doing this will not only help you formulate answers for this question, but it will also help you prepare for many other types of interview questions as well. 

Write Down 1 or 2 Goals that You have Set for Yourself

In itself, this can be a time-consuming and soul-searching exercise. You can have many goals, whether you want to increase your net worth, get physically fit, etc. For your interview, limit yourself to career-oriented goals related to the job position. 

Give Some Thought to How This Job Takes You Closer to Your Goal

Setting goals can re-confirm if the job you are applying for is a good fit for you and will help you reach your professional goals. 

Review the Job Posting and Prepare a Couple of Points That Interest You About the Role

Is there something specific about the company or the industry that attracts you to work for them in the particular position? Are you excited about a new project or product that the company recently announced?

Think About How You Will Benefit the Company

Choose a couple of points from your resume or experience that you believe have prepared you to succeed in this job. What makes you the ‘perfect and only candidate’ for this role?