Why Do People Lie? Broken People Make Bad Choices

We continue to do things that we know are not healthy because we don't believe they are not healthy. 

We might not like the consequences of our choices, but the fact that we keep on doing them reveals that we don't believe they are real problems. That whatever we get from doing them is worth the cost. 

Before you know it, you've created habits around these bad decisions, and breaking the cycle becomes harder. You get used to dealing with the consequences, and it becomes routine and a regular part of your life. 

You get used to feeling miserable, stressed, behind, and lost. But these feelings don't have to last forever if you can break the cycle. 

The power in lies comes from their ability to convince us that the consequences are worth the cost. But they never are. 

This issue is where self-reflection can be incredibly helpful. I started asking myself what I was getting from buying things we couldn't afford. After close examination, I determined that they weren't adding to my life or improving what matters most to me.