Why Gaming Altcoins Like BinaryX Are So 1974 Story

With cryptocurrency prices in the doldrums of late, investors are hunting other ways to generate returns. Play-to-earn crypto games have been catching on like wildfire in the industry and beyond, giving market participants something to be excited about as developers keep their noses down and build. 

The burgeoning GameFi segment is the intersection of gaming and decentralized finance (DeFi), and it has taken the blockchain industry by storm. Emerging projects are winning over crypto and traditional gamers alike as play-to-earn features and white-hot NFTs raise the stakes.

Blockchain-based gaming altcoins, or tokens that fuel the GameFi market, have been known to trade independent of bitcoin, which is especially useful during a crypto market downdraft like the one happening now.

Bucking the trend is rare in the crypto industry and reflects the demand for the metaverse.

Role Playing Game

If you happen to remember 1974, when the original role-playing game (RPG) Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) was created, you might understand the charm behind BinaryX's CyberDragon.