Why Life Planning Is Simply Financial Planning Done Right

The bottom line with life planning is that you're dealing with emotions. As much as we think logic should determine our financial future, emotions rule the roost. 

There are many different ways to accomplish financial goals. Before deciding on the best way forward and which financial products will help get you there, you have to ask yourself some deep questions to identify what matters to you in your life. 

It's best to ask the questions of yourself and talk them over with other family members and friends. If you seek advice from a pension and retirement specialist, make sure it takes a holistic view of your situation looks extensively at life planning. 

If you won the lottery, you had all the money you needed for the rest of your life. What would your life look like? 

The first question to ask yourself is this:

What we're looking at here is solving ‘the money problem.' Most of us are burdened by the need to make money. What would you do? How would your ideal life look if you didn't have that problem anymore? 

We're looking for here to find the things that would be extraordinary for you to have the freedom to do.