10 Examples of Why Parenting Has Never Been More Challenging

What is the most challenging thing about being a parent? Ha! Where do I even begin? While taking my daily scroll, I came across this question, and the answers are relatable.

So here are the top-voted responses, so you know you're not alone. 

Your Time Isn't Yours Anymore

“So much of my last free time is spent with baby, even if it's playing and having fun. I used to have hours every day to chill, devote myself to hobbies, and socialize. Now 1-2, entirely dictated by the baby's schedule, is about it.”

Constant Worry

“Every age brings unique challenges, but worry is the hardest thing for me. It begins as soon as you find out you're pregnant—will the pregnancy be okay?"

The Tantrums

“The screaming sometimes grates on your nervous system, and you don't always know when you're about to cross your threshold and snap,” one parent confessed.

Sleep Deprivation

Many people agreed with sleep deprivation. One stated, “The first half year or so was the hardest. Because of the lack of sleep.”

You're Always Wrong

“Suppose you have tattoos or stay at home, or if your kids aren't in any activities, etc. The judgment can get overwhelming sometimes, even when you know you're trying your best and you are the best mom you can be.”

Lack of Control

"Sometimes kids don't nap, sleep, etc., even when you think you can take a shower. Sometimes that can't happen. And even more significant is kids can be sick or need more care than expected."

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