Why You May Regret Quitting Your Job, Even If You Didn’t Like It

As millions of workers on both ends of the age spectrum are quitting their jobs for various reasons, maybe it's something you're also considering. 

While contemplating leaving the workforce does come with a sense of reward, it’s not entirely without risk. 

Before leaving, and starting your search for greener pastures, perhaps consider both scenarios. 

Financial Scrutiny

You’re not just quitting a full-time job; you’re also quitting a full-time paycheck. Leaving your career comes with the stress of dealing with increased financial burdens and worries. 

There’s No Plan B

If you don’t find a job that suits your needs, what are the chances of your current employer rehiring you? Are you prepared if you need additional long-term financing? 

Freelancing and Entrepreneurial Struggles

Being your own boss, you’re now in control of everything, and although you may have thought the 9-to-5 life isn’t for you, most entrepreneurs work even longer hours. 


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