Why You Should Hide Your IP Address to Save Money

An IP address or Internet Protocol lets servers know where to send information that you’ve requested. Essentially, your IP address is your public ID on the web.

Why Would You Want to Hide Your IP address?

Avoid merchants profiling when visiting your favorite sites. 

Website track the individuals who visit their sites by using their IP address. This allows them to create profiles for their visitors and send them personalized ad copy or specials.

Access your favorite streaming services from anywhere. 

Some streaming services, like Netflix, place geographical restrictions on streaming content. They only allow certain viewing privileges within certain countries.

Gain protection from hackers.

Hackers can easily use your IP address to find your address and identity. Similar to the way merchants can track your internet activity, so can hackers. 

Safely browse the internet using public Wi-Fi.

Another way hackers can find your personal information is when you use your device with a public hotspot.