All Praise ‘Dune’! No, Not That One (Why You Should Rewatch David Lynch’s ‘Dune’)

Once, across the sand blown waste, there rose another Dune, and the people looked into its gaping maw and said, “feh.” 

David Lynch’s adaptation of Frank Herbert’s novel has been mocked ever since 1984 when it stuck its massive, clumsy snout out of the sand and started exhaling ill-conceived spice clouds of expository dialogue. 

It has a wretched 44% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, in comparison to the 2021 Dune’s 83% Fresh. 

Kyle McLachlan as Paul spends most of the film looking as if he’s just been hit in the face with a flounder, while his voice-over narration tries desperately, and not very successfully, to convince the viewer that he has an inner life. 

The second half of the movie collapses narratively as it tries to get in all the plot that Villeneuve has been allowed to spread over two films. 

And Lynch’s decision to add magic sound weapons to Herbert’s novel…why?