Why You Shouldn’t Abandon Cash Yet:

7 Reasons to Keep it in Your Wallet

In this digital age we call home, cash is no longer the primary way to pay for stuff. But some people still prefer using cash in certain transactions.

So why do people still use cash in 2023? Redditors flooded a thread on r/AskReddit with their reasoning.

Many Redditors said that using cash helps them save money because they have to physically hand over their cash. With credit cards, all one has to do is tap the machine — and boom! The transaction is complete.

To Control Spending

To Leave No Paper Trail

In the era of debit cards, your spending can be tracked just about anywhere you use your card. That's where cash comes in as the answer: “I use cash for transactions I'd rather there not be a financial paper trail for,” said u/queuedUp.

Some workers regularly are paid in cash, which means they have a good chunk of it to either deposit in the bank or spend.

Because They Get Paid in Cash

Because of a Power Outage

What do you do when the electronic systems that usually help you pay for things are no longer running? “my bank card doesn't work during a power outage, but my money does,” said u/Dull_Menu5286.

Now I'm not condoning this one, but you'd be pretty sorry to spend money on illegal goods by using your credit card. Many Redditors said they use cash to hire sex workers, purchase illegal substances, and more.

Illegal Purchases

When you're shelling out the big bucks to impress a romantic prospect or a potential client, you can put on a bigger show by spending cash.

It's More Impressive

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