Will ChatGPT Take Over Google?


The Internet has been blowing up at the emergence of ChatGPT ever since it launched in November 2022, gaining more than 1 million followers in the first five days. 

The power of ChatGPT allows users to type in any search query or content task, from asking it to produce a poem for their loved one, write a speech, do their homework on the civil war, or write content for their website – using artificial intelligence and the patterns of human created content to make it perfectly unique.

This exciting technology presents enormous challenges and opportunities for consumers, with students being able to create their homework uniquely in minutes – and teachers unable to identify if ChatGPT or the individual using it.

On a business level, a company can replicate the websites of its competitors in just a matter of minutes or set up several new websites for a particular niche at an alarmingly fast rate. This could see the role of developers and content writers diminishing in the future.

So Could ChatGPT Replace Google?

“ChatGPT is unlikely to replace Google; certainly (not) in the short term. However, we could see Google losing some market share in the short term and the overall number of visitors and queries to its website.”

“Some people are lagging behind in terms of adopting ChatGPT. Whilst it launched in November, the wider public has only acknowledged it three months later, and it will take some months for the greater public to use it.”

“Certainly, Google might look at the appeal of ChatGPT and why it has gained so much popularity over their product. They (Google) could try to make this AI technology more accessible and palatable for their audience.”

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