Robot Intervention:

Will You Be Replaced by a Robot at Work?

According to a new study, nearly half of UK jobs are at risk of being taken over by a machine.

45% of roles were at medium to high risk of being replaced by AI (artificial intelligence), including taxi drivers, dental nurses, and sales and customer services staff.

Data analysts at NetVoucherCodes looked at over 400 jobs to assess their risk of being replaced by AI or automation in the coming decades.

Using the AI bot ChatGPT, the analysts looked at job roles using the ONS Employee earnings in the UK 2022 survey to find out how at risk they are from automation and AI.

According to the data, lower-paid jobs are at a higher risk of being replaced because many of these roles involve repetitive tasks that require little creativity or decision-making.

High Risk of Replacement

The experts concluded that bus and delivery drivers could be easily replaced as their routes can be programmed into a machine, and no human thinking will be required.

Other low-paid occupations at risk of being replaced are receptionists, nursing assistants, dental nurses, and taxi drivers.

Mechanical engineers, paramedics, head teachers, and medical practitioners are all among those who are at low risk of being replaced by AI, and they all have a higher salary. Similarly, many creative jobs cannot be replaced by AI or automation.

Low Risk of Replacement

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