Woman Unapologetic for Pumping Despite Backlash From Colleagues

Being a working mom in today's world is no easy task and not one to be taken lightly.

Redditor @Ok_Control_3241 is getting some heat for apparently sharing too much information. She wonders if the overshare is justified.

OP is a nursing mom. When she returned to work, she had her own office and would simply “shut the door” when she needed time to herself so she could pump discreetly.

Here's The Story

OP says at first, everything was fine. She'd shut the door and do her pumping. Then, people would start stopping by, knocking, jiggling the door handle, and even making requests through her closed door.

This made pumping so stressful, which obviously isn't good for the nursing mother, she eventually had enough.

Now, she puts out an explicit sign that lets anyone who stops by her office know that she's pumping and needs 15 minutes to herself.

She says that it has dramatically reduced the number of disruptions she gets but that it has also come with complaints from a couple of coworkers who've said it's “too much information” and makes them uncomfortable.

OP is now wondering whether she's TA for telling everyone she's pumping.

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