Man Builds a Fully Wooden Lamborghini Vision GT by Hand for His Son

It’s Highly Impressive

Woodworking is a lost art that this creator has revived with a stunning passion. TikTok creator ND-WoodArt has an impressive portfolio of miniature cars he handmade from wooden pieces.

Each vehicle was assembled like a model car but big enough for his young son to drive in.

His portfolio includes the Ford Raptor, BMW 328 Hommage, Rolls Royce Boattail, Mercedes ATVR, and a huge wooden tank.

But to me, his most impressive work is this entirely handmade, wooden Lamborghini Vision GT that he pieced together for his son.

The process in the video starts with a solid frame; from there, the wooden pieces come together to build the Lambo.

He has the metal framework for the chassis and real tires, so his son can take it for a spin once completed.

He uses beautiful wood for each exterior curve and then creates the interior with wooden seats, a wooden steering wheel, and a wooden floorboard.

The details on the exterior were stunning. He made the Lamborghini emblem from wood, as well as the exhaust pipes and wheel covers.

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