Work Horror Stories: These 3 Women Were Ghosted at Work

Ghost sightings are a rarity, but they always haunt unsuspecting professionals' offices and workplaces. 

They're not the good ghosts, either; instead, they come in the form of clients, colleagues, and new hires who go missing over time, never to be heard from again.

But their absence still disturbs their former workplaces, leaving surviving staff to hold down the forts on their own. Three women share their paranormal ghostlores from throughout their careers.

3 Women Were Ghosted at Work and Lived to Tell the Tale

“My firm was ghosted by not just one person, but an entire company. We had a contract with them already, but they started to dip out over time. First, they didn’t meet the established timeline for the deliverables we needed as part of said contract...

1.  Bankruptcy Bites

"...then started making up information to fill in instead of getting the correct stuff, and eventually escalated to full-on ignoring our calls,” says Jessica, a landscape architect.   Jessica's company was paying the contractor nearly $300,000, but they never completed the work. They fell off the face of the earth, and no one ever heard from them again — as if they never existed in the first place,

“My first day they asked me to help with our docketing department, which I had zero experience in; I agreed and the guy running it, also named Guy, introduced himself and said that he would be heading out to lunch before we got started on how to basically do everything that the job entailed,” says Kelly, who works for a law firm.

2. Colleagues Serially Disappear

“So an hour and a half goes by, and he still isn’t back in the office. I go to the lead paralegal to ask if she knows when he’ll be back… She responds saying he actually just emailed the firm a few minutes before stating that he wouldn’t be coming back and they could consider this his last day.”

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