Super Moms: Striking That Elusive Work-Life Balance

A recent American Association of University Women study reveals that mothers are 40% more likely to report that child care issues harmed their careers.

An additional 23% claim they have been treated “as if they aren’t committed” to their jobs because of their children.

How Do You Make the Work-Life Balance Work?

Whether you’re setting goals, scheduling time for yourself, or meal planning to save time on dinner prep, there are certain tricks to maintaining a healthy balance between work and life.

“Know how to set boundaries,” says working mom Julie Cameron. The owner of Family Trips and Travels has three children, ages 3, 5, and soon to be 7. Before the pandemic, Julie commuted from her home in Westchester to New York City.

“It was about an hour-and-a-half commute, and I was doing that about three or four days a week,” says Julie. Since the pandemic, she’s been fully remote. “The commute definitely took a toll,” she admits.

Switching to full-time remote work means Julie works out of her bedroom. “I had just set up a workspace in my bedroom, and I’m still doing that now. That definitely gets hard,” she says.

Julie knows it’s almost impossible to strike a perfect balance, but setting boundaries is the most important step to her success.

With the burden of childcare often placed on mothers even if they are working, it can be harder than ever to pursue your career aspirations and raise a family. However, striking a work-life balance can be a reality with the right boundaries and resiliency.

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