35 Ways To Work Online and Get Paid Instantly

If you need paid work and have access to a computer, you can earn money quite quickly. Here are 21 ways that you can work online and get paid instantly. 

Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is a survey site. They are contracted by brands to provide very valuable analytics and data. To collect this data, they need participants. The more surveys you take with Pinecone Research, the more you can earn. 

Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is another survey website that will allow you to earn points and then cash them in. With Opinion Outpost, you should have no trouble redeeming your money fast, as long as you have enough in your account. 

Amazon MTurk

If you feel like a survey-taking machine, it might be time to look at the Amazon MTurk website. With MTurk, you won’t have to complete surveys; instead, there are various simple online tasks that need to be completed. 

Field Agent

Field Agent allows you to feel like you are a real agent working for an organization. With Field Agent, there are tasks that you can claim that need to be completed. The tasks will have a price associated with them so that you will know precisely what you will get paid. 

One Space is a unique digital platform that allows you to earn money as a freelancer. There are many jobs on One Space, and once you become more qualified, you can even find some regular and full-time work.

One Space

A Better Call is a position where you will need a bit more experience, but they are very often looking for qualified help. With A Better Call, you will work as a customer service representative on the phone.

A Better Call

Allegis Group is a hiring platform to help you find your next transcription job. The jobs offered on Allegis Group tend to be for those with a bit more experience. If this describes you, then you should consider checking out this website for some great opportunities. 

Allegis Group

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