An Epidemic Destroying The Work Culture

Workplace Bullying:

In most other cases of abuse, society takes offense, for instance, child abuse, spousal abuse, elder abuse, and other criminal kinds of abuse. However, workplace bullying or workplace abuse is still tolerated.

This can be done through acts of harm, verbal threats, lies, sarcasm, humiliation, yelling, denial of rights such as needed earned time off, manipulation of employees' work, “gaslighting,” spreading false rumors, and treating one or more employees differently than the majority of employees.

What is Workplace Bullying?

Their focus becomes on how to prevent bullying, avoid the bully, cope with stress, and look for support. As these things happen, the employee loses focus and time and ultimately becomes a less productive individual.

Bullying Affects The Production of Employees

Bullying can come in all shapes and sizes, and it is best to take steps to ensure you can protect yourself from unnecessary bullying.

Steps to Handle Bullying Within The Workplace

Record every time a situation happens—document each occurrence of events that occur. Keep emails, notes, and anything threatening that can be used as evidence.

Keep Track of All Evidence

Make sure you know what employment policies protect you. The more evidence you have, the better you can fight off any ‘alternative facts' the bully brings.

Review Employment Policies

This time, take a friend or coworker to confront the bully. Let them know how you feel and the damage they are doing. If other coworkers are there to witness, it will help if further actions are needed.

Confront The Bully

Take action and report the bully to HR or upper management. If a workplace environment becomes toxic and the employer will not take action, it is time to get other people involved to help the situation.

Report the Bully

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