Workplace Drama: Top 3 Topics to Avoid at Work

Even if you are the type of person who attempts to avoid drama at all costs, it can be hard to remove yourself when drama surrounds you daily.  

Seemingly casual conversations can cause all sorts of ripples in your work environment. Here are three topics that employees and employers should avoid at all costs, even in a work-from-home environment.  


Even though religion is incorporated into many aspects of our lives, it is not an appropriate work topic. 

Faith is a very personal and vital thing to some people, and it is something that they will vehemently defend.  


People tend to dig their feet into the sand about, especially when their long-help political beliefs are questioned.  

Considering how divided the country is right now in the political realm, any conversations about politics can quickly go south.  

Your Love Life

You will often hear the phrase romance sells. While that may be the case in some environments, work is not one of them.  

According to a survey of over 1,000 Americans on, your love life is the number one topic people find inappropriate to discuss. 71% of workers say that this is a no-no conversation to have. 

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