10 of The Worst Christmas Gifts People Pretended To Love

When I was a kid, my grandmother handmade our Christmas gifts. I'm not sure which was worse: the blue Hanes sweats suit from K-Mart that she sewed red lace ribbon on or the plastic canvas yarn camping bag she made me with ruffles.

What I do know is – that I'd give anything to possess those items still. Check out other gifts the internet received that they had to pretend to like in their giving moments.

Miniature Butter Knives

One user shared, “A set of miniature butter knives with ceramic fruit and vegetables as the handles. From an aunt who said I was ‘So hard to shop for I was seven.”

Geography Book

“I still have the book and have begun using it to learn as my dad intended so many years ago. I realize now that while the book wasn't a fantastic fit for a child my age, it was a well-intended and thoughtful gift that showed how much my dad paid attention to what I said.”

My Boss's Book

“Well, you don't get rich by spending money on your employees,” said one. “You get rich by having your company pay for copies of your book and writing it off as a business expense!”

Set of Assorted Combs

One amazing grandson shared, “My grandmother gave me a set of assorted combs! I know what you are thinking, that's not a bad gift, right? However, the part I left out was I had no hair!"

Backstreet Boys CD

One person shared an endearing story about their sibling, “When my brother was about four years old, someone gifted him a Backstreet Boys CD, and when he opened it, he said Oh, no thank you while shaking his head.”

A Dog

Another shared, “UGH – animals should NEVER be given as a gift. NEVER. Signed, A person who worked in rescue for ten years and dealt with the influx of unwanted pets come February and March.”

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