7 of The Worst Colleges in America

Any college experience is better than no college experience, right? One would hope, but some colleges are so bad they leave students wishing they stayed at home.

We’ve compiled a list of the top seven worst colleges in America in no particular order.

Trump University

The worst part must be that this “college” used the term “university” without possessing an actual New York State Education Department license. Trump University paid over $25 million in settlements before being shut down in 2010.

The University of South Carolina at Aiken

USC Aiken hits out lost due to awful statistical data. It’s likely you’ll be out way more money than you’re making after graduating from this university.

A 2010 ABC News investigation found Remington College recruiters offering erroneous advice, promising, among other things, criminal justice career prospects to convicted felons as a way to gain the students' enrollment and tuition.

Remington College

Wesley College

The numbers are against students at Wesley, with an average student loan debt of $31,084 despite only a 17% graduation rate. That’s a lot of cheese spent for no diploma.

Amassing a median debt of $253,072, most students quit but can't escape their debt. DeVry’s graduation rate is 29%, and students can expect to earn only $44,100 annually six years after graduating.

DeVry University

University of California, Santa Barbara

In 2019 UC Santa Barbara reported 582 incidents of crime and safety, about 22 incidents per every 1,000 students. A staggering 89.3% of these reports happened on campus, and 8.6% in the surrounding neighborhood.

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