13 Worst Deaths in Television and Film Ever According to The Internet

Falling in love with a character on TV is one of the most interesting feelings ever, as you can imagine a world with them. However, that world can crumble easily when that character dies. 

And from shocking twists to heart-wrenching farewells, these 13 characters' deaths upset viewers the most. 

Glenn Rhee — The Walking Dead

Negan, the charismatic and sadistic leader of the Saviors, delivered a chilling message by introducing Lucille, his trusty barbed wire-covered baseball bat. 

Zara Young — Jurassic World

While trying to ensure the safety of her two young charges during a pteranodon attack, Zara found herself snatched up by one of these enormous winged creatures.  

Robb Stark — Game of Thrones

The sight of the young wolf being stabbed repeatedly was enough to leave fans in disgust and mourning. 

Prince Oberyn Martell — Game of Thrones

It was a ruthless end for a character who captured the hearts of viewers. 

Captain Miller — Saving Private Ryan

During the battle, Captain Miller was shot; we all know what happens next. This scene might make you cry. 

Private Mellish — Saving Private Ryan

Private Mellish found himself in a desperate struggle with a German soldier during the battle. A tense and relentless fight marked the scene for survival. 

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