Worst Fast Food Chains in America, Ranked

From customer service nightmares to gross kitchen conditions, these restaurants have earned their reputation as the worst of the worst. We've ranked them in order, based on what Google shows as the top results.

Jack in the Box

It is notorious for a terrible food poisoning scandal in 1993. Then, the restaurant was responsible for a nationwide E. coli outbreak that left four people dead (including 2 children) and 732 others sick.

Little Caesars

In 2018, an Indianapolis location was shut down by health inspectors after customers found rat droppings baked into their pizza crust.

Carl's Jr (Hardee's)

Combined with its high prices and notoriously unhealthy menu options, it's no wonder that this chain is one of the worst-rated fast food restaurants in America.


The most common complaints are that the sandwiches are dry and tasteless, the fries are soggy and salty, and the service is slow and unfriendly.


What is it about Wendy's that keeps customers so unhappy? According to online reviews, it seems to be a combination of long wait times, cold food, uninterested employees, and unsanitary restaurant conditions.

Sonic Drive-In

Many customers have said they would go to McDonald's or Burger King instead of Sonic because the food is better and cheaper. Others have said that the service is slow and the employees are unprofessional.


First, in 2015, they were linked to an E. coli outbreak that sickened dozens of people in 11 states. Then, in 2017, they had to close several restaurants after a norovirus outbreak where some workers reported being forced to work despite being ill.

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