15 Gameplay Mechanics Every Gamer Despises

Have you ever waited months for a highly anticipated video game release only to realize the game is full of gameplay mechanics you can't stand?

A recent online discussion calls for the worst gameplay mechanics players experience in a video game. Here is how fellow gamers responded.

When The Goal Is Too Obvious

There's something enjoyable about solving puzzles to complete your objective. When the goal is super apparent, though, it takes all the fun out of a game.

Long-Winded Tutorials

We don't need tutorials that last for hours; we just want to play the game. You can trust us; it's going to be okay.

Neverending Intros

We don't want to watch a movie; we want to play the game! Having to sit through hour-long cutscenes stinks sometimes.

Stressful Time Limits

One gamer says,  “I want to like Disco Elysium, but I get paralysis worrying that I will miss something. Does anyone like being put into a beautiful world and told they have ten minutes to do everything?”

Stealth Sections

Games like Assassin's Creed and Ghosts of Tsushima are some of the best titles you can play. However, they're not shy about shoving forced stealth down our throats when we don't want to adhere to that play style.

Mysterious Alchemy

Some may not view this as a specific mechanic, but when it comes to gameplay, some titles lock the best items and consumables behind lengthy grinds. The worst is when they won't tell you how to obtain them. You have to guess and hope for the best!

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