10 Worst Halloween Candies To Give Trick or Treaters

I think most of us have experienced dumping our Halloween bags and pulling the gross candy out. My dad was quick to devour my least favorite, Necco Wafers. Why not eat chalk?

Recently, someone asked, “What is the worst Halloween candy?” Here are the top-voted responses from the internet. 

The number ten voted response is black licorice candy. Several Redditors also individually commented with black licorice to answer the question. I'm an oddball, I guess. I love it.

Black Licorice

Someone nominated “Popcorn balls.” NextTrillion Gen X is checking in. What in the world were they thinking?!” Finally, a third commenter argued, “I like them, but you're always taking a chance of biting into an unpopped kernel.”

Popcorn Balls

One user asked, “Twizzlers. Who eats Twizzlers?” “I've always hated it, even as a kid. What kid hates candy unless it is god awful,” replied another. Finally, a third commenter said, “People that accept garbage.”


Necco Wafers

I'm relieved to see I'm not alone in this. “Necco Wafers. What in the world are they even supposed to taste like, seriously?” One user expressed, “Reminded me of Kaopectate.” A second commenter joked, “Nah, dawg, the green ones that taste like shaving foam are the best!”

Many Redditors nominated Good & Plenty as the worst Halloween candy. One user expressed, “It's like they somehow found a way to make black licorice worse.”

Good & Plenty


Wolverhampton admitted, “I always hated to see Dots.” Several users agreed, “I hate them. They get stuck in my teeth and don't have a lot of flavors.” Finally, a third commenter said, “I usually think of Dots as movie theater candy, but I agree. I could never stand those.”

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