The 12 Worst Parts of Otherwise Perfect Films

Perfection can be hard to obtain. By definition, a single flaw (no matter how minor) means something, including a film, cannot be perfect.

These movies got oh-so-close to the “p” word, but one single part of the movie messed it all up.

Ghostbusters Ghostbusting

How about the inexplicable scene in Ghostbusters where a ghost unzips Dan Aykroyd's pants and proceeds to… know. That scene gives a new meaning to “ghost buster” and is a sensitive subject for many fans.

“Cheer Up, Charlie”

More Gene Wilder. More Augustus Gloop. For the love of golden tickets, more Violet Beauregarde and her endless sass. Less sad mom serenading her sad-sack son. Is that too much to ask?

Saruman's Non-Death in Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

How do you leave the death of Saruman, one of the most sinister villains in modern film history, out of the theatrical release?

The Biff Employment in Back to the Future

One perplexed viewer wants to know why George McFly would possibly hire Biff, the guy that attempted to assault George's future wife, as the family's apparent errand boy. George is clearly looking to humiliate Biff, but keeping a deviant around for subjugation alone?

The Lewdness in Kingsman: The Secret Service

The ending, including a heavy-handed bedroom offer, left some viewers' mouths sour.

That One Line of Dialogue in The Dark Knight

That one line where a cop says, “Have a nice trip, see you next fall,” to a mobster they do not trip has stuck in some fans' craws.

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