24 Best and Worst Pokémon Knock Offs

In terms of the worst Pokémon knockoffs, these are the games and anime that tried to capture the feel of the original Pokémon but failed considerably. These 12 are the worst examples of what a Pokémon-like property can be.

They failed in many areas, from the production values to the turn-based gameplay to the monster designs to even the overall animation. Though not all of them are complete failures that you should avoid at all costs, they at least warrant caution when playing or watching them.

Turn-based battles with cute monsters in a massive world to explore check all the boxes, but the problem is that Nexomon does so little outside of that. The monster designs are fine, but the gameplay is a bit too heavy and lacks the personality of the original games.


The animation isn’t anything special, the story was reasonably stereotypical, and the dinosaurs themselves had uninspiring designs. It certainly is not the worst Pokémon-like anime but far from a must-watch at the same time.

Dinosaur King

Monster Sanctuary’s idea of blending together the monster-battling genre with classic Metroidvania exploration is neat and novel. Sadly, it restricts itself, alienating fans who might not like both of these experiences within the same game.

Monster Sanctuary

The first of several mobile Pokémon clones on this list, Cookie Run Kingdom is also one of the strangest. Instead of cute monsters, everything you’re collecting in this mobile game is cookies.

Cookie Run Kingdom

The nostalgia trip with familiar gameplay could have been fantastic, but the idea was implemented for the youngest possible players. It ignores its older audiences entirely, opting for such easy difficulty and linear progression that it is a far cry from what it could be.

World of Final Fantasy Maxima

A considerable part of creating the monster-collecting game is ensuring you have at least some decent designs. Unfortunately, Monster Rancher struggles to do that despite having both a video game series and an anime, much like Pokémon.

Monster Rancher

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