From Heartbreaking to Just Plain Bad: 

The Most Disappointing TV Finales

Have you ever been entirely disappointed with the way a television series ended? Perhaps a show you loved and followed faithfully, only to be disappointed? You're not alone. 

Recently, a user online, u/asgard13 asked, “In your opinion, which show had the worst series finale of all time? People online responded, and these are the top ten TV shows with the worst series finales.

“It's probably aged worse because most of the things the characters do are mild compared to the crap we see daily from many people.” Palpablevt volunteered, “It was even worse watching it live after being hyped for months.”


Miki_Hufflepuffle stated, “Worst: The Parkers. All those seasons of being rejected by the professor. Then, Nikki finally finds a man who loves her and leaves him on her wedding day for the professor!”

The Parkers

One Redditor responded, “Star Trek: Enterprise. Unfortunately, the Enterprise finale had to be written with disdain and malice. I remember reading quotes from the actress that played T'Pol ripping it apart before it even aired.”

Star Trek: Enterprise

WarcraftFarscape asked, “Are you including Peacekeeper Wars? This is 100% correct without the inclusion, but with Peacekeeper Wars included, it's just kind of meh.”


Redditor dolerbom admitted, “Getting through 15 seasons of Supernatural because I'm a completionist was one of the hardest things I've ever done.” They elaborated, “For example, I would watch ten bad episodes and be happy that one aspect of the 11th was good.”


Redditor teddyg1870 said, “Younger? Well, that's surprising. I'm a few seasons behind, but I guess she ends up with the “boring one?” User emersonlakeandlagoon confirmed, “Yep, but with a lot of pointless fake-outs and a really offensive shot at Greta Thunberg in between.”


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