Top 5 TV Show Cancellations That Still Frustrate Disappointed Fans

User u/me_rebirth asked Reddit, “The cancellation of which TV show are you still frustrated about?”

And thousands of people cast their votes. Within a couple of hours, these shows are the clear top five cancellations still frustrating disappointed fans.

Reddit user that_guy_iain admitted, “I had to scroll and scroll to find it. It had one of the best first seasons I've ever watched, and then, it was nothing. So it was like, what the heck?”

Firefly (2002-03) 3.9k Votes

Redditor bkendig stated,  “It's such a clever plot: Ned touches somebody dead, and they come back to life; he touches them again, and they die permanently. If he doesn't touch them the second time within one minute, somebody else dies in their place.”

Pushing Daisies (2007-10) 2.4k Votes

Reddit user, FrostbyteFox voted, “The original Cartoon Network Teen Titans. I'm still mad.” Zone1Act1 responded, “I was so hopeful with HBO Max's DC animation push that we were finally going to get season 6…yeah, that's not looking good anymore.”

Teen Titans (2003-06) 2.3k Votes

And user papafrog agreed, “I totally agree. Truly mind-boggling – the characters were so great that it seemed like there was unlimited potential for episode ideas. I could have easily watched them trapped in a supply closet for 30 minutes.”

Better Off Ted (2009-10) 2.2k Votes

Reddit user rntopspin100 nominated the show Rome. However, they also elaborated, “The show Rome was canceled after two seasons because the production costs were too high.”

Rome (2005-07) 2.1k Votes

Another fan, 115MRD, agreed, “It's So frustrating because the showrunner had a really fascinating vision for future seasons.

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