What You Need to Know About YieldStreet

Before founding YieldStreet,  Mr. Mehere helped scale Yodle from zero to $200 million in revenue. Web.com bought Yodle in 2016 for $342 million. He describes his mission at YieldStreet to change the way wealth is created.  

They have a strong stable of investors and advisors providing the funds and leadership to execute the investment and company strategies the team puts together. 

The team at YieldStreet does extensive due diligence on all of their investments. They put each project through a five-point due diligence process. 

In asset-based investment, each borrower must provide verifiable collateral. That might be real estate, a legal case (litigation finance-real, motor vehicle accidents, etc.), or various kinds of equipment.

The investment returns from Low stock market correlation-investment do not follow the stock market. That means whether the stock market rises or falls, the goal is for their investments not affected by the stock market's movement. A low correlation to the stock market helps diversify investment risks. 

The investment team makes sure the investments they make have management teams with long-term experience in their niche. Doing so can reduce the risk of your investment. Startup returns may be attractive on the surface. The risk that comes with it is not.