Like Dividends? You Will Love These

Investing in dividend stocks is often viewed as more conservative than investing in growth stocks or riskier alternative investments.

But the best dividend stock from ten years ago or even a year ago may not be the best one today

The reason is that economic conditions and businesses change. In this article, we will look at the five best dividend stocks right now in November 2021.


The quarterly dividend rate is $0.64 per share, and the annualized rate is $2.48 per share. Verizon's dividend is secure, too, since the payout ratio is only about 48%.


The current quarterly dividend is $0.62 per share, and it is $2.48 per share annually. Though, one negative about Microsoft is the low dividend yield of 0.72%. The company's lack of dividend yield makes up dividend safety. The payout ratio is an excellent 27%.

Realty Income Corporation

REITs usually have higher payout ratios since they must distribute most of their earnings, and Realty Income is no exception. The payout ratio is about 85%.


The dividend yield is good at about 3.1%. However, Coca-Cola's dividend safety is lagging, with a payout ratio of approximately 73%. This value is high, but Coca-Cola has consistent revenue and earnings even during recessions.

Consolidated Edison

The quarterly dividend per share is $0.78. The annual dividend per share is $3.12. Thus, the dividend yield is nearly 4%. However, the payout ratio is high at approximately 73% due to lower revenue and earnings during the pandemic.

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