Meet the World’s Ten Youngest Billionaires

When society is obsessed with performance and status, some 20-somethings are crushing the game. There’s even one teen on this list with a net worth of $2.4 billion.

Of the 2,668 billionaires in 2022, the ‘under 30’ crowd represents just half a percent, with a total net worth of $25.8 billion. Only a handful are self-made in that rare crowd, meaning they didn’t inherit their extreme wealth. 

Coming in hot in tenth place is a Norwegian who owns a significant portion of the Salmar ASA salmon fishing operation started by his father. Witzoe is also a model and has worked with companies in his home country of Norway.

Gustav Witzoe

Gary Wang

This billionaire was once a Google asset, building systems to aggregate prices across millions of flights. When he met fellow billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried, the two collaborated and founded FTX trading, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency exchange.

This outspoken firestarter is wholly self-made. After dropping out of Stanford, Ryan went on to found Bolt, a one-click payment system for major retailers in online commerce throughout the US and the world.

Ryan Breslow

Austin Russell

When Austin Russell was just 25 years old, he became the world’s youngest self-made billionaire. Founding tech company Luminar Technologies, Russell took a $100,000 fellowship from Peter Theil and turned it into billions.

At 27, Katharina is one of the world’s youngest female billionaires. Inheriting 42% of her father’s company, Ferd, Katharina became a massive stakeholder, and her net worth shot up seemingly overnight.

Katharina Andresen

Along with Pedro Franceschi, he founded, which they sold in 2016. After their success with, the two went on to found Brex and help entrepreneurs and startups access high-limit credit quickly and easily.

Henrique Dubrugas

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