Your Forma Creates a World You'd Admire Before Choosing to Join

Your Forma Volume 1 is a science fiction manga set in an alternate world where technology and people merge.

Think iPhone but within your body. At once, the idea sounds daunting and tempting. Your Forma's technology also records people's feelings and perceptions. Thinking about the possible limits humanity could surpass teases the mind.

But with these capabilities come dangers. The perils of technology now reside within the brain. When serious crimes occur, Interpol tasks Echika—an Electronic Investigator—to resolve them.

Your Forma's impressive worldbuilding and chemistry between Echika and Harold makes you think of The X-files' Mulder and Scully.

Careful What You Think

Your Forma, created by Yoshinori Kisaragi with the original story by Marcho Kikuishi and character design by Tsubata Nozaki, gives a quick breakdown of Your Forma. It's a smart thread placed in the brain via laser surgery.

It may sound unbelievable, but so do many technologies people take for granted now.  Shopping online, calling to chat with someone's hologram, monitoring health, and more are all done with a thought.

Right off, Your Forma, serialized in English from Yen Press, with translations by Roman Lampert and lettering by Arbash Mughal, makes you think about the ramifications, small and large.

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