The Best Kept Secrets of YouTube:

10 Channels You Didn’t Know You Needed

Recently, YouTube asked on its official Twitter page: “What channel should *everyone* know about rn?”

And fans have tweeted their favorite YouTube pages, ranging from educative to entertaining. Here's 10 of the best YouTube channels users want you to know about.

@angelsepticey, upcoming youtuber and big fan of Jacksepticeye, tweeted, “@Jacksepticeye cause his videos always makes me smile and laugh while watching them and everyone should go and subscribed to him cause his content on his amazing YouTube channel is so freaking amazing.”


“@xoSpida has so much amazing 2k content rn,” YouTube said with a starry-eyed emoji, showing they had done their homework.

Spida DF

TheSithFather posts a lot of contents covering Star Wars, games, and tech. He describes himself as a “dad by day and gaming Sith Lord by night.”


Someone tagged @TheHoustonWade. “Dude has like 8 college degrees and is like 6'12.” “He can take the most complicated subject and explain it in a way that makes sense.”


Contrary to the idea that he's getting “no attention,” MrBeast is one of the most famous YouTube channels. He is regarded as YouTube’s biggest philanthropist, raking up to millions in views. His philanthropy also has influenced many people, and earned him the respect of public.


“@theinbetweentales on YT. Here on Twitter she's @CAReed9. She's the female equivalent of MrBallen!”

The InBetween

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