You’ve Got the Power When It Comes to Home Energy

I have to admit that I always disregarded our electric use at home. Growing up, my mom always told me to turn off the light whenever I left a room. 

When I say ‘simple steps,' that is what I mean – I'm a lazy gal who isn't willing to eat dinner by candlelight (despite the romance factor), have a cold shower, or handwash my clothes. 

I realized that saving tons of money on the power bill is easy. Here are 7 tips for cutting your electric bill in half that are more than just turning down your thermostat.


One thing I didn't know is that when your phone charger is plugged in, it is still using power, even if your phone is not plugged in.

If you don't want unused chargers and plugs using energy while using the device, unplug them. When that is too much for you, or you want to easier approach, use a power strip. 

Use a Power Strip

We used to have the standard light bulbs everywhere in the house. It seemed that we were changing them very regularly.

Use Energy-efficient Light Bulb

The washing machines nowadays have an option to cold wash your clothes. It means that you can wash your clothes at a temperature of 20 Celcius.

Wash Your Clothes in Full Loads in Cold Water

When you're right on track to save money on your washing, continue saving money with the dryer.

Stop Using Your Dryer

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