Zynga Chooses Blockchain and NFTs Over Tradition Story

Major game developer Zynga, known for games like FarmVille and Words With Friends, has chosen a side in the raging NFT debate. The company, which Take-Two Interactive is acquiring, is readying a blockchain and NFT push to send a clear message to the gaming community.

Gamers have been divided on the role of the blockchain and NFTs in the space, with criticism swirling around investor speculation and the blockchain's carbon footprint. Zynga is saying that gaming is a valid use case for the blockchain and NFTs.

The writing was on the wall for Zynga to embrace NFTs. After all, they recently hired a VP of blockchain gaming, Matt Wolf, whose Twitter profile picture is a Mutant Bored Ape NFT. Wolf tipped his hand to Zynga's blockchain aspirations in an interview with Axios.

According to Wolf,  Zynga will be building out its blockchain team from just over two-dozen employees to as many as 100 by year-end 2022. 

They're looking to hire a Lead Game Systems and Economy Designer for NFTs, among other roles. Zynga's blockchain growth might not be all organic as the company is also eyeing potential acquisitions and partnerships with blockchain-native players.

Zynga could incorporate NFTs in any number of ways. Wolf explained that the company plans to build a “ground-up, dedicated product…sooner than later.”