Wednesday: Why did Weems pretend to be Rowan?

Wednesday: Why did Weems pretend to be Rowan?

Weems pretended to be Rowan after his death so that word would not get out that a Hyde killed him or that he was trying to kill Wednesday.

Wednesday is not simply a straightforward teen drama. The show has many intriguing mysteries and secrets that unfold in the first season of the series.

One of these mysteries that Wednesday uncovers during her investigations is that Principal Weems impersonated Rowan after he was killed in the woods by the Hyde. She did this to keep Rowan’s reputation and the reputation of the school intact.

The mysteries of Nevermore Academy

Netflix’s Wednesday follows Wednesday Addams as she adjusts to life as a student at Nevermore Academy, the boarding school for outcasts.

Although none of the students at Nevermore Academy are fazed by things like supernatural powers, generational curses, or even violence, Wednesday soon discovers that there are many mysteries at this school.

This includes the fact that there is a mysterious monster roaming the Nevermore grounds, a secret student society called The Nightshades, and the complicated history of the town and its founder, Joseph Crackstone.

Wednesday: Why did Weems pretend to be Rowan?

Wednesday’s first real encounter with all of these mysteries happens in the very first episode of the series, which is titled “Wednesday's Child Is Full of Woe” and the show aired with all eight of the episodes of the first season on 23 November 2022.

In this episode, Wednesday is lured into the Woods by Rowan, who she had mistakenly presumed was in trouble. Rowan tries to kill her to stop his mother’s vision from coming true.

However, just before he manages to strangle her, a mysterious monster, who is later revealed to be a Hyde, appears and tackles Rowan to the ground, killing him brutally.

In the very next episode, however, the sheriff’s department cannot locate his body anywhere in the woods and Wednesday is afraid that no one believes her about what she saw.

This is until Rowan shows up to her meeting with the Sheriff, completely unharmed, and is then expelled shortly thereafter.

Although the mystery of how Rowan was cured plagues Wednesday for much of the first season of the show, she finally figures out that the person who showed up to that meeting as Rowan was actually Principal Weems impersonating him, as she has shapeshifting abilities.

She confronts Weems about this in the fifth episode of the show, titled “You Reap What You Woe”.

Weems confirms that she did this with permission from Rowan’s family in order to protect his reputation and the reputation of Nevermore Academy, which would almost certainly be shut down if word got out that there was a Hyde monster killing its students.

Why would Weems hide the fact that she impersonated Rowan from Wednesday?

Although Principal Weems and Wednesday work together to uncover Laurel Gates’s plan at the end of the first season, it is important to remember that Wednesday started out as the thorn in Principal Weems’s side.

In the first few episodes of the show leading up to Weems’s impersonation of Rowan, Wednesday had only tried to escape from Nevermore Academy at every opportunity.

Not to mention her tumultuous history with Wednesday’s mother, and the fact that Weems did not know yet if she could trust her. This is likely why she hid Rowan’s death from Wednesday for so long.

Why would Rowan’s father agree to lie about his death?

By the time that Rowan confronted Wednesday with the picture that his mother had drawn a long time ago, he had already attempted to kill her once.

Fortunately, Xavier stopped him from crushing Wednesday under a gargoyle earlier, but he was clearly obsessed with stopping her.

This is likely why his father agreed to lie about his death, so that he would not be known as an attempted murderer, but rather, for his mysterious reappearance.

What is next for Wednesday?

Wednesday has not yet been officially renewed for a second season, but since the show was watched for over 341.23 million hours in its first week, a renewal seems inevitable at this point.

However, even though Wednesday ended up getting some clarity about Rowan’s death and about the identity of the Hyde in this first season, fans still have many unanswered questions, like whether Xavier and Wednesday will ever become romantically involved, whether Wednesday has grown to appreciate her friendships more after they all worked together to capture the Hyde, and more.

Perhaps one of the biggest mysteries that remains unsolved in the second season of the show, if one is announced, is what will happen to Nevermore Academy and who will lead it moving forward.