10 Hilariously Weird Trends That You Totally Forgot About

Trends are cool ways to capture a wider audience on social media — and even in real life. Tapping into what's “hot and popular” may not be everyone's cup of tea, but some times, they can be really fun to participate in. It's why TikTok, where most trends originate from, is one of the leading social media platforms.

But TikTok is really a lot of “Gen Z” and a dash of “cool” millennials, and trends have been around for a long time — way before apps like TikTok and Instagram launched. Remember when everyone wanted to rock a punk?

Here are a few other trends we literally thought people would never get over but are now history.

1. Chuck Norris Memes

Remember Chuck Norris from movies like The Expendables 2 and The Hitman? Then you're probably familiar with the wildfire memes of him that were, perhaps, more famous than the actor himself.

The interesting part is people spent hard-earned cash on books and magazines just to look at memes they could just as easily looked up on the internet. Some even bought posters!

Well, at least they got value for their money, right?

2. FarmVille

FarmVille may have been the Candy Crush of the earlier generation. Only instead of endlessly running, it was an agriculture-simulation game that involved farming activities like harvesting crops and raising livestock.

As boring as it sounds now, people got really crazy when you told them you didn't play — it was like a farmer's cult! Someone said, his wife was in labor and asking him if he could harvest her FarmVille crop. Priorities, fam.

FarmVille may be long gone and forgotten, but I know a couple people that would play the game if it was still available even though the animation would be so 2010.

3. Candy Crush

Candy Crush may be the “it” game of this generation, but it may be quickly losing its sweet grip on fans.

Players used to spend hours with rapt attention on that app. A close friend of mine was even “addicted” to it. How did they have that much time? Now, everyone is looking for ways to survive inflation and spend time with their families.

Candy Crush creators must be really crushed.

4. The Moustache Era

If I was around in this era, I probably would have adopted a French accent just for the fun of it. It must have been really cool, though?

Account has it that folks drew moustaches on their fingers and held it up to their chin for that Dwayne Johnson smoldering gaze or goofy look. They wore moustache-patterned clothing, and even moustache tattoos. It was considered “peak fashion.”

Well, the next generation would probably laugh at our current music and fashion taste, so I best keep my jokes on the “Moustache Era” to myself.

5. Keep Calm and…

Cringe? This used to be a thing. I found it really annoying, and it was everywhere! Keep Calm and Enjoy Life. Keep Calm, and Don't Ask Why. Believe me, always ask why.

Keep Calm and Stay Single. Keep Calm, and Thank God This Trend is Long Gone.

6. Swing Music

Swing music was the pop of the 1930s through to the 1940s, characterized by an off-beat, swagger, “galloping” tempo, and a high spirit. It is a style of jazz popularized by legendary musicians like Duke Ellington (the ghost of Nick Birch's attic) and Benny Goodman.

Something about swing music takes one to a more cherry and simpler time filled with lots of good beer.


7. Beaded Animals

This one was popular in schools. Students would create almost any animal out of beads!

We had a similar tradition in the school I attended, only we made use of wool, ribbons, and paper instead.

I think it boosted our creativity and imaginativeness and took a lot of idle time off our plates.

8. The Conclusions Mat

This is probably as dumb and exciting as it sounds. Apparently, the mat was called a “conclusions mat” and had different conclusions on it.

You would then — stay with me — jump to a conclusion on the mat.

I desperately need this to make some life-changing decisions.

9. Backward Pants

Did you wear your pants backward, too? Even Bugs Bunny did, someone said.

This trend was inspired by Hip-Hop duo Kriss Kross, who performed wearing their clothes backwards. Soon enough, everyone wanted to dress that way and be a “cool kid”, too.

10. Harlem Shakes

Where did the rock gods go?

Harlem Shakes were an American indie rock band that stole the hearts of rock lovers and sadly disbanded in 2009.

Although, people are not referring to the band when they talk about trends. The trend was an internet meme of people dancing crazily to the song “Harlem Shake” by Baauer. 

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Boloere Seibidor, fondly called B.S. is a Nigerian-based writer and poet. Her favorite topics to cover include music, especially Hip-Hop, film, lifestyle, and fashion. She's been published by Feral Journal, Fantasy Magazine, The Temz Review, and most notably, Wealth of Geeks. She enjoys romantic dinners, movie nights, and touring new sites. When she's not writing, she's delving back in time to the underground world of Hip-Hop, watching TikTok, or visiting the cinema.