From Ordinary to Extraordinary: 11 Intriguing Food Pairings

Everyone has their favorite foods to eat, and most aren't afraid to admit it. Pizza, pasta, and sandwiches are high on everyone's list. However, many people have specific food combinations they swear by — even though they sound absolutely disgusting! They posted their controversial recipes on a popular online forum to share with the world.

Take a look at these 11 weird food combinations that some people think are delicious.

1. Peanut Butter Spread on Tomato Slices

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Peanut butter and tomatoes do not seem like two foods that would go together, but the combination has its fans nonetheless. One commenter argued for the savory use of peanut butter on a tomato sandwich. Most, however, hate the idea.

2. Cream Cheese & Jelly Waffle Sandwich

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Multiple users raved about this particular combination, with someone suggesting a slight modification to the recipe: add jelly to the cream cheese mix before microwaving for 30 seconds. It’s gooey heaven.

3. A Glass of Warm Milk With Pepper and Cinnamon

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This bizarre combination had us doing a double-take, but there still seems to be plenty of people who have drank this concoction. Fans claim the drink tastes like Chai tea, but we're not convinced. 

4. Peanut Butter Toast With Spicy Chili

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Some foods just don't seem like they'd mix in a pleasing manner, but this one commenter swore by the combo, arguing the use of peanut butter in savory Asian cuisine as justification for their recipe.

5. Tuna Fish Mixed With Macaroni & Cheese

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One user on Reddit warned everybody before he revealed his disgusting-yet-delicious food combination by expressing his love for tuna fish with macaroni and cheese. Based on the comments others directed towards him, not many people have heard of the combination.

6. Cheerios & Orange Juice (Instead of Milk)

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Some combinations were just too disgusting for users. This food monstrosity, consisting of pouring orange juice instead of milk into a bowl of Cheerios cereal, easily crossed the line into bad taste for many on the site. In fact, one user went as far as writing a plea for justice to the moderators of the forum.

7. Peanut Butter & Pickle Sandwich

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It seems peanut butter has no shortage of odd companions. This time around, it's pickles. While one person stated they like their peanut butter sandwiches with the bread and butter variety, another admitted they love dipping dill pickles straight into the P.B. jar.

8. Yogurt Mixed With Rice

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While some commenters agreed their pairings were weird, others stood passionately behind their disgusting food pairings and went to great lengths to convince other users to try it. One such pairing was yogurt and rice, specifically Greek yogurt and long-grain white rice.

9. Honey Drizzled on Pizza

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Once a commenter shared their love of honey and pizza, others rushed to agree. A particularly passionate fan of this combo suggested using spicy honey instead of regular. While strange, this combination doesn't seem to be as controversial as others!

10. Hot Dog Topped With Cream Cheese

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Known as a “Seattle Dog” in the Pacific Northwest, this version of the classic American hot dog popped up multiple times across the thread. One person recommended adding onions to this delicacy.

11. Cheddar Cheese Melted Over Hot Apple Pie

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Surprisingly, lots of forum members jumped to the defense of cheese and dessert. Many were specifically in favor of cheddar cheese on top of a sweet cinnamon apple pie. We never would've guessed.

Source: (Reddit)