What are 10 Uses for a Stapler besides Stapling?

A stapler is a small mechanical hand-operated device that fastens together two or more sheets of paper by inserting thin metal staples through the sheets, binding them together.

Paper staplers come in two kinds; the manual kind that needs to be hand-held or can be used while set up on a desk or table, and the electric kind that can join a lot of sheets of paper at once in quick succession, most likely more than 20 sheets of paper.

A stapler is an essential item especially in an office to ensure your documents stay together.

Sometimes binders or paper clips just won't do as they can come right off.

A booklet stapler does the most efficient job in holding together documents and when the documents are a lot for example a big manual, a heavy-duty electric stapler is the stapler for the job.

Always count on a stapler to be the professional-looking option for binding tasks in the office, and making it look polished and arranged.

While this is the most obvious way of using a stapler, there are other functions for either a perfectly functional stapler or a stapler without staples.


 What are 10 Uses for a Stapler besides stapling?

The following are ten of the uses for a stapler besides stapling.

1. Paperweight

A paperweight is an object that is small yet heavy enough to be placed on top of a paper or lots of sheets of paper so that they are not blown away by wind or a breeze or easily carried away.

They keep these papers in their place by preventing any disturbances. It may look small but it is heavy enough to hold down a couple of newspapers or documents.

This is the exact thing you will see in offices. Not most people invest in actual paperweights and the first and fastest improvising item they can get or use is a stapler.

Which in fact, works just as well or probably even better because of its length. People us other items like coffee mugs at work or at home but compared to the usage of staplers as a paperweight, staplers easily take the credit.

They are easily accessible and always around, especially in an office atmosphere, where these documents are in abundance.


2. Hammering

Using a stapler to hammer objects is essential where heavy duty tools such as an actual hammer may not be necessary.

In such cases too, it is definitely an option if another object that can be used for hammering is indispensable.

You should probably consider the fact that the stapler that should be used in such a circumstance is one that is not fully functional or that extra stapler that stopped working ages ago and just lies around.

Using it hit or hammer stuff might ruin a perfectly capable stapler; not unless the object being hammered is not hard for example a nail.

People have used a stapler to hammer pins, or to drive through an item that is not hard such as felt, thin plywood or a card board.

There are however many cases that will require a lighter tool such as a stapler to perform a task for less strain.


3. Wall decoration

A stapler can be used in an art work, as the art work or as a conversation piece. Attaching a stapler to the wall for use is convenient but when you place in an artsy way or surrounded by art, it becomes more than just a functional item but also a decoration.

You should hang it in a way it enhances the beauty of a wall.

Especially in a class room, more so an art and craft class room where creativity is marked in everything, having a stapler art selection hanged in unique and custom made art pieces is one those good ideas.

It also does not have to be a wall decoration particularly in a time where the stapler is decorated.

They are either sold with ridiculously cute Knick knacks or you can add your own to give your stapler a flair. This way, even when it is laying somewhere, it is still a decoration and a great conversation piece.

A conversation piece is either a painting or portrait that depicts a group of persons modeled in a domestic or landscape set, or an item that has some unusual aspect about it therefore making it a conversation starter or the chief interest of a certain dialogue at a particular time.

This function of the stapler lies in the second definition.


4. Spare parts for a dysfunctional stapler or item

A stapler is one of those items we use on a daily basis and probably never stop to wonder how it is made, or better yet, what parts make a normal office stapler.

In a standard office stapler, there is a whole world in there comprising of 8 different crucial parts that make a fully functional stapler.

These parts include:

  • The metal head – the metal head covers the magazine.
  • Pin – the pin belongs at the back of the stapler and allows the opening of the head for the insertion of the staples.
  • Anvil – the metallic plate that is used as the surface that holds the document that is to be stapled.
  • Base –
  • Magazine – it connects to the head and houses all the staples ready for use.
  • Staples – the tiny pins that hold the papers together once the stapler is pressed.
  • Hanger – this is the part that connects the head and the base together.
  • Spring – the soring has two kinds; the coil and the leaf. The coil is used to hold on to the staples to one end of the magazine while the leaf allows the unlatching of the base from the magazine.

If you ask around, you will hear that the most important part of a perfectly functioning stapler is the spring.

And it is yet the one part that has so many uses outside the stapler. For example, if you have an old stapler lying around idly, you can have parts of it, like the spring being used in a pen or an art and crafts undertaking.

Better yet, these parts can be used as spare parts for your new stapler just in case a part breaks down or is lost.


5. Level out an unsteady table

Tables, or especially furniture like this for example a chair, wobble because one of the legs is weak or because one leg is shorter than the other.

A wobbly table is something you can hardly miss because they ruin a lot of things for example you place dinner on the table and it goes running down or everything topples over once someone touches a wobbly table.

It is also something easily forgotten like once you notice a wobbly table, you write that on your to-do list, sit down or go on about your chores and forget. Well, not today.

Although this takes a bit of trial and error, it is worth a shot. This table is unsteady because the legs are uneven.

So you only need to add a flat item under the leg that is shorter than the other and you are good to go. It is more of a trial and error because you can never be sure which size can fit the amount of size left in between the leg and the ground.

Anyway, if you have an unsteady table close to you and you need to do something about it, slide in an unfolded stapler.

One side is thicker than the other so if the slimmer side fails, try the bigger one as you wait to fix it professionally.


6. Weapon

A weapon is less of an object that is supposed to inflict bodily harm and more of an object that helps you gain advantage when it comes to defending oneself in a conflict.

Weapons can be used in law enforcement, in wars, hunting, or in crime. This time the weapon suggested here us fully for self-defense.

A weapon is merely any means of attack or defense. When in danger or when the human body sense danger, they will use what they have closest to them and sometimes a stapler is usually nearby.

Hence this new function and use of a stapler as a weapon

You can either throw it to someone, an animal or a bug like most will do. The fact that it is hinged, makes it perfectly effective for smacking someone or something with.

If you attacked, a good strike on the forehead is able to fully injure and immobilize a fully grown person. It is obvious though that if you are using a stapler as self-defense weapon, then it probably does not have to be your fully functional stapler.

It is hard to dismantle one, but it can happen especially if you are aiming at a bug on a wall.


7. Kids toy

A kid's toy is an entertainment object used chiefly by children for enjoyment and sometimes, for training where they can learn coordination, relationships, and physical skills or simply learn different skills. These kids' toys can be made out of wood, clay, plastic, etc.

There are however different types of toys and newer forms of entertainment like interactive digital entertainment like video games, virtual reality and so many more, as they grow older.

Other types of kids' toys are dolls, vehicles, constructions sets, digital toys, collectibles, and traditional toys such as skipping ropes, Frisbees and balls.   

You will find though, at a young age, everything about the world fascinates them. They can therefore play with anything like let’s say, a kid will learn how to fold a paper to make a boat and it will be exciting to him or her.

A child can turn anything into a toy which is the source of the popular phrase “if you can play with it, it's a toy.”

Without the staples included which is a safe precaution, a stapler can function as a toy or a distraction to your child.

I have watched kids prefer and use anything for play, just not their actual toys specifically made for that. If your child is at a point where she or he can learn, they could learn how to use a stapler which is something they probably have already learnt in school.

They can use them in art and craft to make literally anything. Get them stapling away and using their creativity too.


8. Doorstop

Also referred to as a door wedge, it is an object that can be used to hold closed or hold open a door, mostly to prevent it from opening any wider than it is supposed to.

Other times it is to prevent the door from moving at all especially if it is noisy when it moves or swings. Anything that is a heavy solid object can function as a door stop.

As long as it a part of it can fit under the door space below and still have a part of it big enough to not fit in that door space so as to stop the door.

These door stops are improvised at an extremely high rate. Bricks had been the go-to door stops for while making them the popular choice but now anything goes.

In a certain fixed position, a stapler can be used to function as a very effective door stop.

It is however a common usage but if you had never thought of it, it is most definitely an option.


9. Impromptu sewing machine

Now I am not talking about the heavy duty fabric stapler that is used to staple together fabrics instead of sewing even though it is the best for the job.

We could however agree that every task mentioned here has an item that can perform better in that particular task.

You can use a normal stapler to sew that old pair of jeans that has been torn for a while but you do not want to throw out and you really need to wear at that particular time.

Here, your stapler will work as an impromptu sewing machine on the go.

It works great when all you have is a stapler and a torn fabric out among people and cannot find a good tailoring shop. It helps to hold to that fabric before you can fix it to perfection.

I have witnessed people staple cushions that are worn out among their furniture and it works wonders. It really does fix a wear and a tear well, depending on how big and how messy the tear is.


10. A ruler

A ruler is almost a basic need in our lives. We use it as a tool to measure length on various surfaces and to draw straight lines.

It is mostly a long flat and narrow piece of plastic or any other material that has long straight edges. These straight edges aid in drawing straight lines.

Therefore any long straight edge can be used to draw these straight lines. It is an improvisation like any other where a time of need will have you improvising.

It clearly comes in handy any time a ruler is not at your disposal. There is especially the long reach stapler heavy duty that is long enough to function as an able ruler as long as you are not in need for measurements.


Final Thoughts: What are 10 Uses for a Stapler besides stapling?

You will find that most of these alternative uses for a stapler besides stapling, have been used frequently even without us realizing it.

We improvise every day and they always come in handy, enlisting more functions to their name. These new uses do not have to make sense as long as we are satisfied with the results and have made food use of a purchase.

When we purchase something, we expect that this invest will serve us in ways more than one. As much as we want something that will serve us for a long time following its quality and durability, we also want something that has multiple purposes even though we have to improvise.

Ultimately, there are more than ways to use a stapler, either at home or in your workplace, including ways we do not even know of yet.

Especially if you have an extra one or an old one that is not being used anymore and is just lying around, the small compartment that holds the staples can even be used to store tiny notes or tiny stuff you do not want found and trust me, no one will think to look in a stapler that has no value anymore.