What Ari Nikki from Hotel Hell’s Juniper Hill Inn is doing now

What Ari Nikki from Hotel Hell’s Juniper Hill Inn is doing now

It seems like Ari Nikki and his partner Robert Dean started touring the country after the Juniper Hill Inn closed down.

Gordon Ramsay’s ever-popular business-rescue show, Hotel Hell, has now officially been off the air for more than seven years. But a few key moments from the show have stuck with fans even after all this time.

This, of course, includes the owners of the now-infamous Juniper Hill Inn, which was featured in the very special two-part premiere of the series all the way back in 2012.

Ari Nikki post Hotel Hell

Robert Dean II and his partner, Ari Nikki, were some of the most memorable business owners ever to be featured on the show.

And between their questionable payment policies, their very expensive RV and their disappointing art and antiques collection (just to name a few), they certainly captured and held the attention of Hotel Hell fans since they first appeared on screen.

However, Robert and Ari have managed to keep their personal lives fairly private, despite their continued reality television fame, after the Juniper Hill Inn’s sudden closure in 2013.

And though the rumors that Ari got arrested in 2015 are yet to be confirmed by any local news outlets, his personal Facebook account confirms that he is now enjoying a rather slow life travelling around the country, with their dogs in tow.

What happened after Gordon Ramsay left the Juniper Hill Inn

It seems as though Ramsay’s intervention just was not enough to rescue the Juniper Hill Inn from its mounting debts, and the business ultimately shut its doors just a few months after the celebrity’s chef’s visit, as is outlined below:

Date Event
February 2012 Gordon Ramsay and the Hotel Hell crew arrive to start filming
August 13 and 14, 2012 The Hotel Hell episodes featuring the Juniper Hill Inn premiere
April 2013 The Juniper Hill Inn closes is placed under foreclosure

New owners purchased the property in 2014 and it now operates as the Windsor Mansion Inn.

Did the Juniper Hill Inn revert back to its old ways?

Robert and Ari shared a long message on the Juniper Hill Inn Facebook page shortly after their two Hotel Hell episodes aired.

In this message, they revealed that “The shows phenomenal ratings (highest premier ratings for the summer) have further filled [their] phones lines.” But puzzlingly, they also shared that “several of [the Juniper Hill Inn] staff members have moved”.

Under regular circumstances, it would be incomprehensible that seemingly all of the Juniper Hill Inn’s staff would suddenly leave the business once it started becoming successful – but one traveller provided some insider information that just might explain this strange turn of events.

One Yelp reviewer (who visited the inn in April 2012) ended their review by stating “I don't think the locals have come up to patronize the place since the TV cameras were turned off.”

And since many of the other reviews mention many of the same issues that Ramsay experienced during his visit, it is safe to assume that Robert and Ari reverted back to their old ways pretty quickly after the episode was filmed, and this is what ultimately drove their staff away.

Robert Dean II and Ari Nikki kept the RV

One of the moments that helped to cement Robert and Ari as some of the most out-of-touch owners in Hotel Hell history was when Robert capped off his discussion about the inn’s financial struggles by revealing that they lived in a $100,000 high-end motor coach.

And while this certainly raised some eyebrows at the time, it turned out that having a mobile home actually worked out pretty well for these inn owners, as they were able to pack up their things and move away quite easily after the inn closed.

And based on Ari’s Facebook account of their travels, they were seemingly still travelling via luxury motor coaches as recently as 2020.

Robert Dean II and Ari Nikki are still together

There is no doubt that Robert and Ari have been through a lot since they opened their inn back in 2005.

And not many relationships would have been able to survive starring on a reality television series together, only to see your business fail a few months later, and then having to deal with all of the financial issues, online trolling and possibly even legal troubles thereafter.

But it seems like Robert and Ari have managed to do the impossible. Ari’s Facebook page confirms that he is still in a relationship, and since he posted about his travels with Robert as recently as 2020, it is fair to assume that they have stayed together all these years.