What Does a Highlighted Comment Mean On YouTube?

Are you wondering what a YouTube Highlighted Comment means?

Well you are in the right place.

As technology evolves, applications are continually upgraded to different and better versions. These normally come with new features that are aimed at making the app users' experience better.

Even so, some users tend to be left out when such a thing happens. In some cases, some features are never noticed by users and therefore they do not know what they mean or what use they are for.


What Does a Highlighted Comment Mean on YouTube?

Highlighted comments on YouTube are basically comments that have been labelled as “Highlighted Comment.” The label usually appears in light gray just above the commenter’s name.

The truth is having a YouTube highlighted comment can serve various purposes and mean various things but more often they are basically meant to grab a user’s attention so they can engage more with the comment.


What Does a Highlighted Comment Look Like?

The comment below is an example of a YouTube Highlighted Comment.



What is a highlighted comment?

A highlighted comment is simply to help one look for a comment of interest, the highlighted comments attract a person's attention to the most relevant and interesting comments.

It should be noted that both content creators and the YouTube users do not choose comments to be highlighted; the action is rather automatic and it enables a user to navigate comments that might be of interest to them hence enabling them interact with the comment more easily.



More to it is that these comments are private and it is only you the user who can see the “highlighted comment” notification on a given comment.

The highlighted comment reflects back directly to the video using your video's thumbnail as a background and are usually in different color and font style thus some of the YouTubers find them elegant and rather quite attention grabbing.


What if your comment is highlighted?

Well a YouTube Highlighted Comment does come with some advantages.

Normally anyone can highlight a YouTube video even if they are not the original owner of the video.

To highlight a YouTube video, simply click on the timestamp next to the user’s name on YouTube.

What this does is send a notification to the user who highlighted their comment whenever someone responds to their comment with a notification saying, “Highlighted Reply”

A YouTube highlighted comment can also be used by the video owner to encourage viewers to take particular actions (Call to Action) on their video such as sharing the video or perhaps recommending valuable resources that they can use.

An example is of this video by Joshua Mayo where he encourages his viewers to deposit some money with Webull using a highlighted YouTube comment.

highlighted comment

Reasons why the “highlighted comment” notification appears

Highlighted comments on YouTube happen due to multiple reasons but the main aim is to help the user easily locate given comments. Below are some of the reasons as to why some comments are highlighted;

  • When someone replies to or likes your comment on a given video, you definitely get a notification from YouTube through the bell icon and when you click on it to view the notification the “highlighted comment” notification is usually above the comment.
  • If you post a video and someone comments on it, when you try opening the notification and view the comment, it will be highlighted.
  • Similarly when you click on a comment's timestamp regardless of whether you are a creator or not, the comment is highlighted and therefore appears above all the other comments on the post including the pinned ones.


Advantages of highlighted comments

  • Highlighted comments greatly help video creators when it comes to replying individual comments. Creators usually get thousands of comments on their posts and this notification helps them not lose certain messages as more keep flooding in. In fact the main aim of this “highlighted comment” notification is to simplify a user's browsing experience.
  • A highlighted comment always stands out since it appears even above the pinned comments.


Conclusion: YouTube Highlighted Comment: What Does it Mean?

The “highlighted comment” notification is basically aimed at an improving  the user-interface through allowing them access certain comments even when more keep flooding in and it does not encroach on one's privacy in anyway.

YouTubers should therefore not worry when they receive notifications showing that their comments have been highlighted but rather try to get familiar with the different types of comments and their meanings on the application.

Back in the days, YouTube was known as simply a video streaming platform but as of now; it is a mini social media platform (though quite different from the famous meta apps); people can freely exchange information in the comment section.



Does a highlighted comment show that the creator of the video has noticed me?

No! A highlighted Comment does not show that the creator has noticed you though the video creators have the option to “pin” any comment of their choice.

What is a highlighted comment bad?

A highlighted comment is neither good or bad and therefore should not worry any of the YouTube users.

Can you intentionally highlight a comment?

You can highlight a given comment by clicking on the comment's time stamp but when you do so, the creator of the video will get a notification that their comment has been highlighted. You can also try pinning the notification since the pinning feature is quite similar to the “highlighted comment” feature, the pinned comment appears above all the other comments making it stand out. The pinned comments however come below the highlighted ones.

What exactly happens when a comment is pinned?

When a creator pins a comment, it will appear above all the other comments in the comment section. This is rather a little different from highlighted comment in the sense that all the comment viewers will see the pinned comments as the first in the comment section. Creators usually pink comments that are most valuable or those that promote their work.

How can I remove highlighted comment?

Every time a comment is highlighted, YouTube creates a special URL. In order to remove a highlighted comment, you should restore the URL back to normal. This is fine by deleting the part starting with “&lc.” on the URL.