What happened to Aaron on Girlfriends?

What happened to Aaron on Girlfriends?

In the final seasons of Girlfriends, it is revealed that Aaron will have to leave to be deployed to Iraq along with the National Guard.

Girlfriends is one of the shows that was revolutionary in the 2000s but is still relevant and relatable to this day.

Joan was one of the characters on the show who was always searching for a loving husband, and although she eventually got engaged to Aaron, he was deployed to Iraq before they could take their relationship any further.

The significance of Girlfriends

Girlfriends premiered in 2000 and before long, thousands of people were tuning in to UPN every Monday to watch Joan (Tracee Ellis Ross), Toni (Jill Marie Jones), Lynn (Persia White), and Maya (Golden Brooks) as they navigated their lives as young, successful Black women in Los Angeles.

This show was significant for many reasons, but the fact that it starred four, professional and successful Black women meant that it became the leading inspiration and source of the early 2000s fashion, hairstyles, and make-up that inspired an entire generation of young women.

However, the iconic looks of the leading ladies on Girlfriends  is not the only reason that the show has stood the test of time, over two decades later.

The show was ahead of its time, and it did not back down from difficult topics, while still being extremely funny and relatable at the same time.

What happened to Aaron on Girlfriends?

The search for love and family were some of the most prominent themes on Girlfriends.

Although Joan, Toni, Lynn, and Maya all had their fair share of ups and downs with relationships in the show, it was always clear that Joan was looking for someone who she could marry and start a life with.

Fortunately for Joan, she fell for and got engaged to Aaron Waters in the final season of Girlfriends, which aired from 1 October 2007 to 11 February 2008, before the show was tragically cancelled without a proper send-off.

However, even though fans were happy to see Joan find love with Aaron, who was played by Richard T. Jones, their relationship ended up being rather short-lived in the grand scheme of things.

Even from the beginning of the relationship, Joan basically kidnaps Aaron to Mexico in order to avoid him being deployed to Iraq as he is a member of the National Guard. But Aaron decides to tell her that they should get married before he has to leave.

Aaron does end up leaving for Iraq soon after this, and because this season marked the end of the show, fans never got to see how the couple would navigate living together and starting a family together when he returned from his deployment.

What could have happened between Joan and Aaron if the show were not cancelled?

Tracee Ellis Ross, who plays the character of Joan in Girlfriends, has had to answer her fair share of questions about the series and how she thinks it should have ended over the years.

When Ross was asked about what she envisioned for the future of Joan and Aaron’s relationship, she built on the idea that the final episode of the show had built up, in which Joan reads a letter where Aaron states that he will be coming back from his deployment.

Ross added that she always imagined that Joan would end up married to Aaron because she figured out that she loved him and not just because she wanted a husband, and that they would settle down together and have a few children.

How were fans introduced to Aaron on the show?

In the show, Joan originally meets Aaron while she is busy rebuilding homes in New Orleans.

Aaron is introduced as a military man that is doing his part to help families that were devastated by hurricane Katrina and him and Joan instantly form a connection.

Later, when Aaron leaves for Iraq with the National Guard, Joan decides to move into his home.

Why was Girlfriends cancelled?

At the time of Girlfriends’ cancellation in 2008, it was the longest-running live-action sitcom on network television, which is why so many fans of the show were so shocked when their favourite show was cancelled so abruptly.

However, in the end, CW revealed that the show was cancelled because it was simply too expensive to keep producing for any longer.

Although this was sad news to many of the loyal fans of the show, the show’s creator, Mara Brock Akil, tried to offer fans some comfort by saying that they did manage to tell all the stories that she wanted to share over the eight seasons of the show.