What happened to the Brick Hotel from Hotel Hell?

What happened to the Brick Hotel from Hotel Hell?

Hotel Hell’s historic Brick Hotel is still open after its feature on the show in 2016, despite having the same problems that it had when it was profiled.

Hotel Hell is one of the collaborations between Gordon Ramsay and the Fox network. The show is credited as a spin-off of the successful but short-lived Kitchen Nightmares.

While Kitchen Nightmares had seven seasons before the plug was pulled, Hotel Hell had a total of three seasons between 2012 and 2016.

One of the most memorable episodes of season three profiled the historic Brick Hotel located in Newtown, Pennsylvania. Despite the fact that the hotel returned to its old ways soon after Ramsay intervened, it is one of the success stories from the show as it is still operational.

Will there be a Hotel Hell season 4?

Hotel Hell concluded with three seasons in 2016 and it is unlikely that the show will return for a fourth season. This is as the fate of the show is linked to that of the show that inspired the spin-off – Kitchen Nightmares.

Gordon Ramsay cancelled this show after the continued backlash that it received for its dismal success rate in turning around the restaurants it was supposed to help.

Hence, it is believed that Ramsay cancelled Hotel Hell for the same reasons, and while Ramsay may regret cancelling the shows, it does not seem that they will return with new seasons as he is working on other original formats.

What happened to the Brick Hotel from Hotel Hell?

Hotel Hell’s Brick Hotel featured in June 2016 in the sixth episode of season three. The Newtown, Pennsylvania hotel was owned by a mother and son duo, Verindar and CJ Kaur.

The hotel had a reputation that preceded it, and before Ramsay and the team visited it, they started their investigation into the hotel’s unfavourable reputation. This led to Verindar being the biggest reason for this.

Verindar was the authoritarian who ran the hotel with an iron fist and raised voice. As such, the hotel had a high staff turnover.

Not only did Verindar shout at the staff, but they were not paid as and when they attempted to ask for their salaries, she would call the police on them.

Moreover, because of the high staff turnover, which was estimated to be between 50 and 100 staffers in less than a year, it was difficult to adequately train the new staff members. The result was the deplorable state of the hotel.

Matters between Verindar and the staff were worsened by the fact that CJ was not present in the running of the hotel.

Therefore, there was no one to mediate the contentious relationship between his mother and the hotel staff. Hence the hotel was a health hazard, and the only aspect that kept the business alive was the venue event rental of the hotel as it hosted events on its premises.

How did Gordon Ramsay intervene with the Brick Hotel?

In order to successfully turn around the hotel, Gordon Ramsay believed that it was important to distance Verindar from the business.

This is as her behaviour was excused as due to cultural differences, which meant that she dealt with matters differently from how it was understood by the staff. Ramsay asked CJ to take a more active role in the operation of the company.

Moreover, he deep cleaned the entire premises, updated some of the décor, and bought linen, sheets, and towels that were estimated to be over $75 000 for the hotel, as its old linen and towels were unusable.

Did Gordon Ramsay’s intervention help the Brick Hotel?

It is difficult to say whether Gordon Ramsay and his team’s intervention actually helped the Brick Hotel, since in 2022, it is confirmed that the hotel is still operational six years after its feature on Hotel Hell.

However, the reviews of the hotel on TripAdvisor and Yelp do suggest that the hotel has reverted back to its old ways.

The reviews have criticised the hotel for being deceitful as some customers complained about not getting the room that they paid for and they also got no discount, despite the room being smaller or costing less than the initially booked hotel room.

Moreover, Verindar’s behaviour is another reason the hotel continues to get bad reviews.

What is Verindar Kaur doing now?

Verindar Kaur is still listed as a partner in Brick Hotel, which suggests that she is still a very active partner in the business. This is emphasised by the reviews, which continue to lambaste her.

However, Verindar also has Instagram, on which she shares glimpses of her life. In her latest post on Thursday, 18 August 2022, she shared her visit to the Swaminarayan Temple in New Jersey.